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Mediation in Great Linford- Milton Keynes


Our Mediation Centre in Great Linford

Our mediation centre is based in Linford Wood; just over a mile from Central Milton Keynes. Mediation is a simple process that’s very often misunderstood or even unheard of, we are here to provide guidance and reliability when helping people through mediation in the Milton Keynes area. 

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Although based in Milton Keynes, Amity run Mediation Hubs around the local area, in order to reach and help as many people as possible. Get in touch here and find out more about family mediation in Aylesbury.

Child Services & Family Mediation in Milton Keynes

We know deciding to separate can be hard on the whole family. Amity Mediation can help to minimise the conflict between the adults and help to keep the focus on the children. We are experts in helping you to navigate separations and to find the best situations for all parties involved, while keeping the needs of children in mind. 

 Financial Mediation In Milton Keynes 

What happens financially when you divorce or separate can be a real worry. Amity Mediation can help you to make financial decisions based on the practical needs of both parties. 

Not from Milton Keynes? Although we are based in central Milton Keynes, we’ve set up mediation hubs in Aylesbury, Bletchley, Northampton and Leighton Buzzard, in order to reach and help as many people as possible with financial or family needs when separating. 

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